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Hi, I'm Taygan. You can call me Tay.

I'm a wanderer; forever seeking the new and the surreal.
I'm curious and creative.
I'm a lover and a dreamer.
Travel, art and music are my inspirations for life.

Professionally, I work as an Artist and Content Creator. This means I am trained and experienced in Photography, Illustration, Design, Retouching, Mixed Media and more.


The long version;

I have always found happiness in creating visual art, primarily painting and illustration, but I found I could never quite find the right balance of realism and imagination through my hands alone. This is where I found photography and retouching - a medium that allowed me a more realistic approach to my image making process, but still gave me the freedom to bring to life the world I imagine. I spent 10 years working and thriving as a creative photographer, before realizing that Photography alone wasn't going to satisfy me and the potential I had to offer the world. This is where I fell in to content creation - being able to offer creative solutions over a range of different media made so much more sense to me and always felt natural; why wouldn't I offer that professionally?

In February 2016, I concluded my position as a Lifestyle and Entertainment Photographer / Videographer for Pacific Magazines, in order to travel and, as ridiculously cliché as it is; find "me".

Six months later and I dove in to full time freelancing - dedicating my hours to not only professional Photography services, but a whole range of visual mediums. Although I'm based between Melbourne and Adelaide, I do travel often for work and leisure, especially to Sydney and even overseas for destination Weddings. Some of my services, such as retouching (incl. deep etching and batch processing), graphic design/illustration and writing, I am able to offer both locally and remotely.



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